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The ADOS Advocacy Foundation

Advocating for Reparations for Slavery & A Collective Black Agenda for Black America


Jun 3

June is African-American Music Appreciation Month! To commence the month, we're providing our perspectives on the Kendrick vs Drake beef. #NotLikeUs #BlackMusicMonth #ADOSMusicMonth https://buff.ly/3KnNaIC

Apr 30

Today marks the end of National Volunteer Month. We want to express our gratitude to all those who selflessly dedicate their time and energy to support our mission. Let's continue to come together, contribute, and provide our assistance. Please take a moment to read a brief summary from our presiden...Read more

Apr 19

📚 Make sure to research before dismissing the idea of ADOS reparations. Other "solutions" are distractions crafted by the US government. Stay tuned for the full episode. #ADOS #ADOSAF -- View this clip: https://buff.ly/3Q8Y08p. Full episode coming soon: https://buff.ly/4d7j0Gv

Apr 15

Marc Lamont Hill interviews President Yvette Carnell about ADOS Reparations, Pan-Africanism, and historical nuance on the death of OJ Simpson. Watch the full interview here: https://buff.ly/3VZSs46

Apr 12

We at the ADOS Advocacy Foundation (ADOS AF) and ADOS Empowerment Project (ADOS EP) are deeply disappointed with the OMB’s Notice of Decision. At the same time, the OMB agreed to require the disaggregation of data on other groups. Yet, the Bureau has called for “more study” on whether ADOS have the...Read more